Case Study: Multi-Purpose Educational and Commercial Facility

We were approached by a local government we’ve worked with in the past to develop signage for a re-purposed manufacturing facility that was being converted into a multi-use facility with an emphasis on developing tenants focused on education, trade, and technology.

We helped design, fabricate, and install exterior and interior signage for the facility. Across all the signage we used brand colors, fonts, and styles to provide a uniform look.

Our exterior signs were design to matched the industrial heritage of the facility. One element in particular we wanted was a patina for the monument signs to match the building’s existing patina. So we cut the metal on one side, and applied an topical agent, so as to encourage rusting on that part of the sign.

Our interior signs we fabricated and designed with braille, contrasting colors, and appropriate text size and style, so as to be ADA compliant.

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