Each year we discuss broader trends in design and branding that we see coming in the future (or have already begun.) We highlighted this year’s signage and branding trends over at our flagship website www.OrtweinSign.com. This year we also want to discuss broader trends in Interior Signage especially as we’ve really bolstered our interior signage offerings this year with the creation of our new Interior Sign division.

Minimalist Design

One trend we’ve discussed in the past that’s become increasingly popular in branding is minimalist design. This means simpler, cleaner logos, simple color patterns, and clear, concise messaging. This works especially well for interior signs, especially ADA, since that’s already largely what helps these signs be as effective as they can be.

As we cater to more and more clients looking for room signs, bathroom signs, ADA signs, etc. to match their branding, we are increasingly being asked to fabricate signs with such minimalist elements as we described above.


Clients want the ability to customize signage for their needs, and at Ortwein Sign, your one-stop shop for interior and exterior signage, customization is what we do. Increasingly we’re working with clients to be able to provide methods for clients to request customizations online and over the phone, to more quickly and efficiently provide signage for our clients needs.

Digital Signage

Even before Covid changed the way many restaurants and stores interacted with customers, we had already begun to see an increased presence for digital signage in interior spaces. With kiosks, digital menu boards, and digital wayfinding signs, this trend has only increased. We don’t expect it to stop anytime soon.

Interactive Signage

As Digital Signage has increased its presence, so has the use of signage to present interactive experiences. Whether this is a QR code on an airport sign offering flight details, or an ADR (augmented reality) experience, increasingly we’re seeing digital signage in particular used to provide interactive experiences.


One trend we discussed in our 2024 Trends blog over at www.OrtweinSign.com that is just as true with Interior Signage is the push for sustainable signage. This can be a desire for processes that are more sustainable and economically friendly, but it can also be a push for more sustainable materials. In general, we see a move to reduce our impact on the world by improving our practices from exterior to interior signage.

Mixed Materials

Interior Signage may need to comply with rules, in particular ADA signage; however, there are still ways to get creative with signage and mixed materials is one such way. This can mean using acrylic with glass, metal with bamboo, or a number of other materials.

Future of Interior Signage

Ultimately as with all trends we will have to see what changes in 2024; however, these are all trends we’ve begun to see in 2023 and thus seem more likely to stay the course.

Whether you need custom ADA signs, or wayfinding systems, or any other exterior and interior signage, we at Ortwein Sign are here for you. So reach out to Ortwein Sign today at (423) 867-9208 or visit www.OrtweinSigninterior.com/Contact-Us to see how we can help provide your signage solution!