Guide to Establishing Your Brand Identity

Branding is what we do.

If you’re opening a business, then you’ll want to develop a unique brand identity to stand apart. Here we share our expertise to help you do just that!

    All You Need to Know About Brand Identity

    Let Ortwein Sign be your guide to branding.

    What Makes You Unique?

    Your brand identity is a key component of your unique value proposition. WHY your business exists is as important as WHAT your business does.

    Identify Your Values

    What does your company stand for? You may have values you represent externally, and then values you hold internally, but whichever values you have they need to be something you stand for and something that helps how you communicate to your clients and employees.

    Speak with One Voice

    Companies now more than ever need to find their voice and try to use it for their communications internally and externally.