Guide to Calculating Your Small Business Signage R.O.I.

Learn about the steps you can take to determine the return on investment for your signage.

Signage is an investment in your business. Make sure its working for you!

    Calculating Your Signage Return on Investment

    Our most in-depth guide yet on the value of your signage.


    To calculate your investment you need to first determine what goals you are hoping your signage can help you achieve.

    Setup Metrics

    You will want to have metrics for before your signage was installed or refreshed and then metrics for after to gauge any changes.

    Methods of Tracking Success

    You will need ways that you can track these metrics, whether that includes a people counter, sales data, or even web traffic.

    What Business Owners Should Know About Sign Insurance

    Sign Insurance 101

    Signs may be at risk of storm or accidental damage, so we highlight how insurance can help protect your business investment in your signage.

      Are My Signs Covered By Insurance?

      We breakdown all you need to know about insurance and signs!

      What Type of Insurance Covers Signs?

      Signage is covered under the umbrella of “Commercial Property Insurance”.

      Do Tenants or Property Owners Pay for Insurance?

      While lease agreements may vary, tenants are generally required to purchase the signs for the business. Therefore tenants are also the ones required to secure commercial property development insurance to cover said signage.

      On-Premise vs Off-Premise

      Depending on your lease agreement, you may need to acquire insurance that covers your on-premise signage.

      School Signage Guide for Elementary, Middle, and High School, Colleges, & Universities

      Signs enhance the school experience.

      Signs exist in every part of the school campus, and as varied as they can be they all have their purpose.

        Signs Are Integral to Schools and Campuses

        Here’s some education to help understand how signs work for your school.

        What Sign Types Do Schools Use?

        Schools and campuses are so varied that nearly every sign type could be (and may be) used at a school.

        Electronic Message Centers

        Schools need to share messages out to students, family, and the community throughout the year. EMCs are making that jobs easier than ever before!

        ADA Signs: Compliance and Access

        ADA signs are required in most buildings; however, for schools the idea of accessibility goes beyond simply checking the legal requirements boxes.

        Photocells and Signs: Uses, Costs, Pros & Cons

        Let us en-lighten you.

        Photocells help keep your signs on when you want them to be on and off when you want them off. Here we discuss their role as well as the pros and cons of their uses in signs and signage.

          All You Need to Know About Photocells

          Let us shine some light on the usage of Photocells.

          Are Photocells One Sign Fits All?

          Photocells can be used on a variety of lit signs, including neon signs, channel letters, lit pan faced signs, and lit wall mounted signs.

          Savings of Photocells

          Though photo cells do require an initial investment upfront, the costs are not often prohibitive, and the savings pay for themselves in time.

          Photocells and Timers Together

          Used together, they can save energy and allow the business owner to keep a more set schedule while conserving energy.

          Guide to Establishing Your Brand Identity

          Branding is what we do.

          If you’re opening a business, then you’ll want to develop a unique brand identity to stand apart. Here we share our expertise to help you do just that!

            All You Need to Know About Brand Identity

            Let Ortwein Sign be your guide to branding.

            What Makes You Unique?

            Your brand identity is a key component of your unique value proposition. WHY your business exists is as important as WHAT your business does.

            Identify Your Values

            What does your company stand for? You may have values you represent externally, and then values you hold internally, but whichever values you have they need to be something you stand for and something that helps how you communicate to your clients and employees.

            Speak with One Voice

            Companies now more than ever need to find their voice and try to use it for their communications internally and externally.

            Guide to Sign Permits

            Guide to Sign Permits front page of downloadable pdf booklet

            Let us share with you all we know about sign permits.

            If you’re opening a business, then sign permits may not have been front of mind. Here we share our expertise to help you out!

              All You Need to Know About Sign Permits

              Let Ortwein Sign be your guide to the world of sign permitting.

              Why Are Signs Permitted?

              Sign Permitting began as a way to develop a homogeneous look for communities. This has evolved over the years; however, the intent still remains mostly the same even with the advent of form-based code.

              Sign Variances

              Sign Variances are requests by companies to extend their signage beyond the present rules of a municipality or jurisdiction.


              No sign permits are not free, and no they’re not one sign fits all. Let us at Ortwein Sign be your sign permit guide!

              2022 Signage & Business Trends

              2022 Signage & Business Trends

              Know what trends in signage may affect your business.

              We’ve broken down what we’re seeing in our industry in 2022.

                Keep Up with 2022 Sign and Business Trends

                In a tumultuous world, it’s good to be up on the trends.

                QR Codes

                QR Codes came back in a big way, and they’re only becoming more prevalent.

                Cloud-Based Signs

                Everything’s in the Cloud now, and signs are no different. Cloud-Based systems help businesses speak with their signage more directly than ever.

                Sign Security

                Though tech has many benefits there are also increased risks with digital spaces and that includes hacking.

                Five Reasons You May Need Sign Removal Service

                Sign Removal: 5 Reasons Why cover of a downloadable guide with photo of business without a sign

                Learn about 5 reasons you may need to remove your business sign.

                Business closures aren’t the only reason you may need a sign removal service!

                  Five Reasons Signs Are Removed

                  We breakdown why you may need sign removal services.


                  Signs are a key component of any rebrand! If you’re rebranding you will likely need to remove and replace your signs with newly branded signage.


                  If you’re moving from one storefront to another, contact your sign company to see if you can keep your existing sign and use it on your new storefront.


                  If you’re closing your business, you may be on the hook to remove your sign. Be sure to check with your landlord if it’s your responsibility as a tenant.

                  Neon Sign FAQs

                  We breakdown the answers to FAQs we hear all about neon signs.

                  Neon’s making a comeback! Learn about this not-so-lost art.

                    Learn All About Neon Signs

                    Vintage, stylish, and now trendy again!

                    When Did Neon Signs Become Popular?

                    Neon signs began to gain popularity in America in the 1920s, but with the use of neon signage in major cities such as Las Vegas it reached its epoch in the 1940s and 1950s.

                    Faux-Neon Signs

                    Neon signs and faux-neon signs are not created equal. Though LED “faux-neon” signs are trendy, they don’t perfectly replicate the look and vibe of real neon signage.

                    Is Neon A Lost Art?

                    Some might say so; however, we’ve fabricated neon signs at Ortwein Sign for decades and recently they’ve become quite trendy for personal and commercial use once again!

                    Five Reasons to Refresh Your Signage

                    Learn 5 key reasons why a sign refresh could benefit your business.

                    Boost your business and catch eyes anew with a sign refresh!

                      Five Reasons to Refresh Your Signage

                      Refresh your signage to bring new attention to your business!


                      Taking advantage of new technology in lighting can help extend the life of your sign and save you money on your energy bills.

                      Don’t Let Your Signage Go Stale

                      New signage can bring attention to your business all over again!


                      If you rebrand your business make sure you integrate your signage into the rebrand as well! Your signage is one of your businesses’ greatest marketing assets.