Pros and Cons of Photocells Guide

Let us en-lighten you.

Photocells help keep your signs on when you want them to be on and off when you want them off. Here we discuss their role as well as the pros and cons of their uses in signs and signage.

    All You Need to Know About Photocells

    Let us shine some light on the usage of Photocells.

    Are Photocells One Sign Fits All?

    Photocells can be used on a variety of lit signs, including neon signs, channel letters, lit pan faced signs, and lit wall mounted signs.

    Savings of Photocells

    Though photo cells do require an initial investment upfront, the costs are not often prohibitive, and the savings pay for themselves in time.

    Photocells and Timers Together

    Used together, they can save energy and allow the business owner to keep a more set schedule while conserving energy.